SUASION’s new album “The Infinite” is out, Visualizer/Single “Black or White”


“The Infinite” is the band’s deepest dive and highest ascent to date that emotes within the band’s radiant cinematic electronic metalcore. All 12 tracks massage the listener’s emotions and the ability to connect with the music. 

Discover “The Infinite” with the new single “Black or White” of the movie album concept now on YouTube: 

“Black or White” is a rocket ride to the hearts of the listeners and minds, and the anticipation was high for the release of SUASION‘s new album “The Infinite,” which is more than just empty hype as the album shows personality and power. “We used this song because it represents the best the album, and the video is ‘The Infinite’ itself with the background of the album cover,” elucidates SUASION

Branching from modern alt-rock, electronic-shaped metalcore, and cinematic orchestrals, Belgium’s SUASION is meanwhile a rising name in the European metalcore scene. Their futuristic sound and high-end production level draw influences from synth-wave and movie scores while creating an amalgam of their many influences. In between SKYND, ELECTRIC CALLBOY, and BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, SUASION have come to create their own outstanding pitch to the music scene. “The Infinite” is an album that stands out in its scene thanks to SUASION‘s futuristic sound and their approach of narrating a multidimensional story to its recipients.

The album is released digitally, as well as a limited CD DigiPak and a limited “The Infinite” bundle set that includes the ltd. CD DigiPak plus the “I’ll Be The First To Face The Infinite” T-shirt, available via Atomic Fire Records.

Stream, get the album now here

SUASION will also reproduce this live soon too. Stay tuned! 

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Steven Rassart | Vocals
Nicolas Pirlet | Guitar
Julien Dejasse | Bass
Virgile Degen | Drums
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