Steve Harris, bass player and a founder of the legendary Iron Maiden, will perform in Poland with his second band – British Lion!


For Steve Harris, from the great stadiums and huge venues in which he played with IRON MAIDEN, since 2012, the heavy metal band BRITISH LION has been his passion. He is always accompanied by drummer Simon Dawson, guitarists Grahame Leslie, David Hawkins, and vocalist Richard Taylor.
The BRITISH LION, similarly to the IRON MAIDEN, roars at a classically heavy metal note, the sonic shape of which is Steve‘s work. In 2012, a personal, debut material was released, which the group also promoted in Poland. Harris acted on the tour as if he had just started his career, and not as one of the greatest legends of heavy metal. He was meeting fans, taking photos with them, and giving autographs.
After that, Steve‘s time was mainly occupied with working with IRON MAIDEN in the studio and on tour, but in his spare time, the material has been created for the second album “The Burning” (2020) announced by the singles “Spit Fire” and “Lightning.”