Shrine Stage at Mystic Festival 2022: Foul ceremonies and  forbidden rituals


What would be the shrine of metal without its priests? This year on Shrine Stage we will experience foul ceremonies and forbidden rituals by, among others, DECAPITATED, IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT, AZARATH, GAEREA, BRUTUS, GGGOLDDD, and OKKULTOKRATI. Human and animal sacrifices are not on the agenda, but one never knows!

We know that you all have fond memories of the Shrine Stage from 2019. At that particular stage, you have been chopped by IMMOLATION, POWERTRIP, or POSSESSED and your pitiful remains were forced into the ground by the heaviness of CROWBAR. At Mystic Festival 2022, it’ll also be a scene where you might not see all the top bands. But you will experience the essence of what is the most interesting and most extreme in metal.

The Shrine Stage will welcome pilgrims on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022. In Poland, we celebrate Children’s Day but this will be a deal for adults only. A death machine called DECAPITATED will grind anything in its sight, GAEREA will wish you all the worst from the depths of the abyss and SPECTRAL WOUND will consume your non-existing souls. Your flesh will be detached from bone with scalpel-sharp death metal music of SKELETAL REMAINS. The work of destruction will be completed by LIK, who are continuing the best traditions of the Swedish scene.

On Thursday, June 2nd, 2022, on the Shrine Stage, ladies will take reins, providing an eclectic combination. Those will be: BRUTUS that blend together hardcore fury with post-rock momentum; grim, but seething with emotions, post-metal GGGOLDDD; DOLCH, trance-y, ethereal but immensely devoted to darkness; Goth-punk MAGGOT HEART; as well as OVO, who bask in filth and noise.

On Friday, June 3rd, 2022, an attempt will be taken to shatter the Shrine Stage by AZARATH so they’ll be the last one to play. So no one will need to play on the ashes. Before them, black/punk-rocker from OKKULTOKRATI and RAGING SPEEDHORN will wreak havoc who combining hardcore power with sludge heaviness. PROSCRIPTION blends black and death metal as good as only Finns can do, and TESTER GIER can guarantee unlimited chaos with their old-school thrash.

On Saturday, the Shrine Stage will be darker, much darker. You won’t forget a confrontation with IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT, who set new boundaries in extreme metal genre. After black metal whipping by MEDICO PESTE and WIEGEDOOD, you won’t ever close an eye. And you’ll be also taken back in the past by TRUCHŁO STRZYGI and BAEST. Those first ones will take you into a complicated labyrinth of black and thrash metal, the latter ones will remind you of the times of the reign of the Scandinavian death metal scene.

Mystic Festival 2022 will take place between June 2nd-4th, 2022, at the Gdańsk Shipyard area. Confirmed acts, among others, include JUDAS PRIEST, OPETH, MERCYFUL FATE, KILLING JOKE, MASTODON, HEILUNG, SAXON, KATATONIA, MAYHEM, MGŁA, SOLSTAFIR, IGORRR, OBITUARY, BARONESS, VADER, and KVELERTAK. Full lineup here:

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