Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum/Metal De Facto) releases new solo single “Tech Noir.”


Sami Hinkka, better known as the bass player of ENSIFERUM and METAL DE FACTO, releases a new single today with his one-man band, “Tech Noir.”

This time, Hinkka was inspired by a nightclub called Tech Noir in one of his all-time favorite movies, Terminator.

Sami Hinkka comments, ”I watched Terminator some time ago and the name of the venue just resonated. I thought that I have to make a song about the perfect place for this song to be played! Instead of writing the song about Terminator itself or Sarah Connor’s desperate escape from it, I chose a different kind of angle: How carefree people are dancing and partying without realizing that all humanity’s fates are hanging by a thread. So remember to live to the fullest, because you never know when they will activate Skynet…”

Listen to the song here:

The song is available on other streaming platforms: