Rockshots Records Signs Greece’s Illusory For New Album “Crimson Wreath” Out May 2021


Rockshots Records is proud to announce their latest signing of Greece’s ILLUSORY for their third full length, “Crimson Wreath,” planned for release in May 2021. Having opened for such legendary acts BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, Warrel Dane, Geoff Tate, and Gus G, the heavy metallers new album is the next step in their widely praised evolution to follow 2016’s “Polysllabic” (7hard/7us) and 2013’s “The Ivory Tower” (The Leaders Records).

Melodic, riffy, cerebral, and complex “Crimson Wreath” is a very emotional and melodic release, yet heavy and strong at the same time. Both new fans and ones who have been listening to the band for years will indulge themselves in this latest offering of classic, progressive, epic, and thrashy performances. Lyrical themes found on “Crimson Wreath” are mostly anti-war, but the full length also includes a thematic unit consisting of three songs that deal with human loss as both guitarist George Papantonis‘ parents passed away while the band was in studio recording it.

The band comments:

“The band is thrilled! When we look back, from the first minute to the last one, from the moment we pressed ‘record’ on the very first drum tracking, to the latest addition and album wrap-up, we can’t stop thinking about all the things we set and done during those recordings and the long hours of arranging every little album detail. “Crimson Wreath” has become a member of our discography and our most recent brainchild. And we are totally proud of it!”

Three singles “Besetting Sins,” “All Blood Red,” and “Ashes To Dust” are scheduled to be released leading up to the album’s sales date. 

An album trailer for “Crimson Wreath” can be viewed on Rockshots Records YouTube channel:
The album will be released on May 21, 2021 –

#1 SINGLE “Besetting Sins” # on February 12, 2021


“This is the opening track of the album and also our first single off the “Crimson Wreath” album. A very heavy song with fast guitar gallops, an Eastern flavor, a melodic chorus and a progressive twin guitar melody in the middle of the song. It speaks about religion, the Seven Deadly Sins and especially about an ancient Greek emotion called Acedia…” 

#2 SINGLE “Crimson Wreath” # on March 12, 2021


“The eponymous title of the album is a very complex song. It starts with some clean guitars and a beautiful piano theme and by the end of it, everything changes! There is a strong bridge in the middle, with some really big-sounding guitars and a tribal drumming part, which leads into a twin-guitar melody followed by keyboards and a great vocal bridge! “Crimson Wreath” is about a land invasion nowadays and it describes the emotions of the people who woke up under attack,” adds the band. 

Track Listing

1. Besetting Sins (5:01)
2. Acedia (2:11)
3. Crimson Wreath (6:35)
4. Immortal No (4:25)
5. All Shall Fade (1:51)
6. All Blood Red (5:48)
7. The Voice Inside Me (1:28)
8. S.T. Forsaken (8:08)
9. Ashes To Dust (5:51)
10. A Poem I Couldn’t Rhyme (4:22)
An Opus Of Loss And Sorrow:
11. Pedestal I: Past Forever Last  (6:07)
12. Pedestal II: The Isle Of Shadows (9:08)
13. Pedestal III: Agony’s Last (6:53)
14. Fortress Of Sadness (10:04)
Album Length: 1:18:00


Dee Theodorou – Vocals
George Papantonis – Guitars
Greg Bakos – Guitars
Niki Danos – Bass
Makis Vandoros – Keyboards
Costas Koulis – Drums

Keyboards on Crimson Wreath performed by George Konstantakelos and Dee Theodorou

Album Credits

All songs composed, arranged and orchestrated by ILLUSORY
Produced by Yiannis Petroyiannis
Co-Produced byDee “” Theodorou
Engineered and edited by Dee “” Theodorou at theiCave StudioandYiannis Petroyiannisat the Matrix Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Yiannis Petroyiannis at theMatrix Studios
All songs composed, arranged and orchestrated by ILLUSORY
Art cover Design / Layout by Panagiotis “Hammer” Sfiris
Art concept conceived and directed byStiver Graunne
Photography by Vaios Roupis
Photo processing by Manos PsakisGuests:
Choir on “The Isle Of Shadows” and “Fortress Of Sadness”: Anastasia Papadopoulou (Upon Revival), Gregory Koilakos (Fortis Ventus), Nancy Moschopoulou (Fortis Ventus) and Ophelia Baudelaire
Soprano Parts on “Fortress Of Sadness” by Nancy Moschopoulou (Fortis Ventus)
Additional Vocals on “Fortress Of Sadness” by Ophelia Baudelaire
Lullaby Intro on “Agony’s Last” by Mary Tirou
Classical Guitars on “Acedia” and Acoustic Guitars on “The Isle Of Shadows” by Dimitris Fakos
Piano on “All Shall Fade”, “Fortress Of Sadness” and “Past Forever Last” by Alexandros Roumeliotis
Narration on “Ashes To Dust” by Grigoris Valtinos
Narration on “Acedia” by Paul Logue
Narration on “The Voice Inside Me” by Stiver Graunne
Narration on “The Isle Of Shadows” by George Papantonis
Gang Voices by the Ivories & Gregory Koilakos (Fortis Ventus)
Choral Arrangements by Dee Theodorou