Rocking Corpses are drinking with the dead on their latest single


Finnish ROCKING CORPSES is a putrid mix of rock, death metal, zombies, other horror themes, and some really black humor. The band is set to release their second studio album, “Death Blues,” on July 2nd, 2021, via Inverse Records. Their latest single from the album “Drinking With The Dead” was released yesterday.

Watch the “Drinking With The Dead” video:  

The band comments:

‘Drinking with the Dead’ was born out of post-depression after losing some drinking competitions to the dead. It is not good for anyone to drink yourself into a shamanistic state with hard liquor. But sometimes it might inspire a song if you have dead friends or new acquaintances join the party. Originally composed for an acoustic guitar, the song came mesmerizingly alive in the studio with improvised percussions such as straw basket, tape measure and a triangle hit closing the ceremony for the dead.”   

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