REVIEW: Wolfhorde – Hounds Of Perdition


I remember the first time I heard WolfhordeI stumbled upon their single “Doctor Of The Plague” a little while ago. I was immediately blown away by how their music captivated me. A lot of the combinations in that songs were a peculiar choice, but it made me addicted to it as if it was cocaine. The band now finally released their album “Hounds Of Perdition” on 11 January 2019 through Inverse Records.


“Hounds Of Perdition” opens with “Chimera”, a track that immediately shows me that my instincts about the band were right. We are served with a very long, atmospheric track, that almost feels as if it is part of a movie. Truthfully, when I think of folk metal, I can’t help but think of more lightweight tracks that make me feel as if I need more humppa in my life, Wolfhorde is not part of those bands. Wolfhorde paints an atmospheric picture and takes you on a journey throughout the whole album. The album often dares to juxtapose a lot of things together, intriguing chord progressions, heavy versus peaceful, the structures of the song are therefore often complex, but this is what makes it interesting.

In general, the album is very diverse, a song like “Forged In Ice” is simply not comparable with “Black Song”, however, the band keeps their own stamp on every song. Every single song sounds like Wolfhorde, and therefore the album doesn’t lack any consistency. The production is perhaps not perfect, but the instruments are well-balanced out and sound overall crisp. Overall, I’m most impressed by the vocals that offer an impressive amount of versatility.

The album, in general, is very accessible for folk metal fans, and therefore I would definitely recommend everyone who has a space in their hearts for folk metal with a progressive edge, and songs that immerse you into a magical atmosphere, to give this album a spin!

Werihukka – Guitar and other instruments
Hukkapätkä – Vocals and Drums
Nuoskajalka – Bass

1. Chimera
2. Doctor of the Plague
3. Black Song
4. Towers of Silence
5. Forged in Ice
6. Kill the Light
7. Hounds of PerditionLinksWebsite: