REVIEW: Vorna – Sateet palata saavat


In Finland summer has made way for autumn, and it’s getting colder and darker every day, rain has managed to dominate the weather reports. Coincidence or not, Finnish melancholic metal act VORNA‘s new record “Sateet Palata Saavat” (English: “The Trains Will Return”) is being released on 27 September 2019.

“Sateet Palata Saavat” starts off with an atmospheric intro, leading to the first real track of the album “Toinen”, immediately showing just how much this band has matured and fine-tuned their sound. One of the great things about this album is that there is a great variety of songs, this is clear when the next track “Syvyydet” starts with hauntingly beautiful clean vocals, a bit less heavy and more introspective, the song is very different from the opening track. My personal highlight on the album perhaps is “Maa martano makaa”, which perhaps is the most melodic track on this album and has beautiful moments, for example the dialogue between the guitars and the piano, and the overall grim black metal-like atmosphere. With another softer, emotive song VORNA ends the album with “Kauas” on a high note.

The album contains a lot of elements that are very different from one another, but the melancholic motive is running through all of these songs, tying them together in the end. The band doesn’t shy away from experimenting in their songs between black metal, melodic metal and at some points even doom metal. Often, their sound can be a bit minimal, really enforcing the melancholic nature of their sound. The vocals portray a wide variety of styles, from screams, to growling to chilling clean vocals, his performance definitely is one of the highlights of the album. All-in-all again a terrific record that will open up new directions for VORNA.


Vesa Salovaara – Vocals |
Arttu Järvisalo – Lead guitar |
Henri Lammintausta – Rhythm guitar |
Niilo Könönen – Bass |
Saku Myyryläinen – Synths |
Mikael Vanninen – Drums


  1. Ylle kaartuvat
  2. Toinen
  3. Syvyydet
  4. Sydäntalven puut
  5. Maa martona makaa
  6. Aalloista
  7. Virvatulet
  8. Tyhjyys on tyyni
  9. Sateet
  10. Kauas


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