REVIEW: Tyrantti – Tyrantti


In the late seventies, a new style of rock music emerged from the UK. The genre was dubbed NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), and was the first major movement of heavy metal bands of which acts such as Iron Maiden, Saxon, Def Leppard, Girlschool, and the mighty Judas Priest rumbled out.

The genre, however, has hundreds of lesser known bands that never made it big, such as Samson, Legend, Blitzkrieg, and one of my all-time favourites Angel Witch... Ever since, the movement has inspired many metal acts, among them Finnish metal act TYRANTTI. Since their inception in 2016 the band have been wanting to play only heavy metal, and now 3 years later are ready to show us the end result, their self-titled debut album, released through Playground Music on 8 February 2019


Now that I gave you some background about what the trio's influences are, let's dive in deeper into the songs. We are served with very classic heavy metal tracks, searing guitar solos, and high-pitched screams, this is clear from the start of the album with "Tulipyörä". "Tulipyörä" kicked into first gear, but we're going straight to third with the self-titled track "Tyrantti". There's an impressive mood change around the middle of the song, followed by a classic Iron Maiden-like melodic guitar solo. For those who remember our end of the year lists, "Toteemi" impressed us with a great music video. "Kobra" is that one song that you needed in your life, but never realized until you listened to it. It's definitely my favourite one of the whole album, with a perfect vocal delivery, great harmonies and of course a compelling guitar solo.  "Mustaleski" starts quite aggressively, and is definitely a song that will send people over to the doctor with a sore neck after a show. "Pronssihärkä" is a little bit different from the rest of the album. The slow-paced song shows a different, more mellow side of the band, and delivers a beautiful, breathtaking ending to the album. 

People often ask me if the language is not a problem when listening to songs, to me it's not a big deal. Music usually delivers a story anyway, whether you understand the language or not. What's great about Finnish in this style of music, is that it feels like a very rhythmic languages, and adds therefore sometimes a bit more depth to the songs, this is clear in songs like "Karkuri", "Kobra" and "Rikotaan Äänivalli". 

"Tyrantti" sounds a little rough and ready, with one foot firmly in their NWOBHM roots, on the other hand the band prove us that they are equally solid, ferocious, heavy, and sometimes even surprisingly awe-inspiring. In the album there are hell-bound rhythms, screaming vocals, blistering guitars, and definitely some great riffs. Yes, it has been already done before, but reviving this genre, and bringing it to the midst of the Finnish heavy metal scene in 2019, is definitely worth a stroll down to memory lane. The eighties vibe on this album is strong, from the production to the melodies, and riffs. 

© Mitro Härkönen

So, if you have a knack for the genre, and like Heavy Metal with a capital H, then this album is definitely worth a listen. The trio reminiscences of bands like Blitzkrieg, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. With "Tyrantti", the band delivers a fast and furious performance, that's high on octane on every level. Time to put on your leather jacket, look cool, bang your head and more importantly, beware for Tyrantti.

Paha-Tapio, Nahka-Sami, Henkka

1. Tulipyörä
2. Tyrantti
3. Karkuri
4. Toteemi
5. Konesydän
6. Kobra
7. Mustaleski
8. Rikotaan äänivalli
9. Pronssihärkä