REVIEW: The Empire Strikes – Charm


Founded in 2012, THE EMPIRE STRIKES combine past, present, and future with a modern version of rock ‘n’ roll. With two albums on their plate, the band is now ready to return with their third album “Charm”, which will be released on 6 September 2019. This is what you can expect…

The beginning of “Charm” is ironically dubbed “The End”, and sets a groovy beginning to this record. “The End” is a surprisingly uplifting track that will immediately set you in a good mood. The same energy continues in a couple of other songs like “Danger”, “Amor Por La Vida Hasta La Muerta”. There are a couple of songs that return to a more classic rock ‘n’ roll sound with on the forefront “Blinded By The Light” and “Miss Margaret Collins”. If these songs would have been released decades ago, they could have been an instant hit to provide your grooviest dance moves to. “Blinded By The Light” is also enforced by a gospel-styled choir adding more depth to the chorus, and perhaps this is one of my favorite moments on the whole album. “Theme From Roky” taps a bit more into a jazzy mood. “Blackheart”, by far is the heaviest song on the album, and perhaps my highlight of the album. “I Found My Love” is a more bluesy song, that is a perfect ending to a very diverse album.

Overall, “Charm” is definitely an album that any fan of (hard) rock music would appreciate. The album offers a versatile approach to rock ‘n’ roll music, reminiscent of some of the greatest rock acts from all times. With a production consisting out of a live base track, the sound is very organic. The guests contributing to the songs add more depth to the songs, and make them a little bit more dynamic and often beautifully arranged. Definitely a highlight in the Finnish rock scene!


The End
3Blinded By The Light
4Theme From Roky
5Amor Por La Vida Hasta La Muerte
9‘lectric Voodoo
10Miss Margaret Collins
11Leeches, Lies And A Mighty Hoax
12I Found My Love


Tommi Tuoriniemi – vocals, guitar
Topi Tarkki – lead guitar
Otto Haapanen – drums
Paavo Kuukasjärvi – bass


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