REVIEW: Temple of the Stars – Nightspirit


When it comes down to Folk Metal bands, Finland is home to the genre’s finest, each band putting their own particular mark on it. TEMPLE OF THE STARS (TOTS) – basically a one-man project by multi-instrumentalist Tobias Tåg, in collaboration with other artists – is one of the newest additions to the family. With his debut album released the 10th of May, called “Nightspirit”, TOTS brings you a gripping fusion of progressive and more traditional Folk Metal.

The folk instrument getting the leading role on this record is the tin whistle. I have always loved this instrument because of the melancholic atmosphere it creates, which is certainly the case here as well. Along with Tobias’s compelling vocals, it sets the tone for the natural flow of TOTS‘s sound. “Nightspirit” is a well-chosen title track, describing quite impeccably the way these songs made my mind wander somewhere far away from daily worries. The mellow melodicity of tracks like “Chains of Fate” and “In the Forest Sky”, offers an air of peace and eeriness. Others like “Ages” and “Fields of Time” bring some more power into the equation with stronger, more proggy guitar work, which is balanced out again by the return of folk elements in the final track, “Lands of Old”. I particularly liked how this track makes sure that the album does not end abruptly, but fades out, so you are left in the same kind of trance it has created and can savor it just a bit longer.

The general atmospheric, magical sound of this album conveys the main themes of powerful mythological nature spirits incredibly well. As a listener, I got enchanted by this “Nightspirit”, and it brought me peace of mind, as well as a sense of inner tranquility. If you are exclusively into heavier stuff, this might not be the album for you, but if you keep an open mind, this can be an awesome addition to your Folk Metal/Rock collection.


  1. Nightspirit
  2. Fields of Time
  3. In the Forest Sky
  4. Mist of Morning
  5. Chains of Fate
  6. Cycles
  7. Ages
  8. Lands of Old


Tobias Tåg – Vocals, Multi-instrumentalist
Featured on this album:
Mathias Lillmåns – Co-producer, manager (frontman of FINNTROLL and MAGENTA HARVEST)
Thomas Finholm – Lyrics
Niklas Norgrann – Bass


Inverse Records