REVIEW: Temple Balls – Pyromide


Finnish hard rock band TEMPLE BALLS made their debut on the scene with the single “Hell and Feelin Fine” back in September 2016. Since then, this energetic group have released two well-received albums, 2017’s “Traded Dreams” and 2019’s “Untamed,” and has shared the stage with such acts as SONATA ARCTICA, QUEEN, DEEP PURPLE, and URIAH HEEP. With no sign of slowing down, especially after signing an international record deal with Frontiers Music srl, TEMPLE BALLS are getting ready to release their third record, “Pyromide.” The album is out on April 16, 2021, via Frontiers Music.  

Opening with the single “Thunder From The North,” the first part of the album is highly anthemic but also incredibly rhythmic. Such cuts as “Long Ways, Long Lies” and “Fallen Youth” will have you headbanging to the beat. The twin guitar harmonies provided by Jiri Paavonaho and Niko Vuorela combine with Antti Hissa’s intense drums to offer a solid basis on top of which Arde Teronen can lay some hooky vocal melodies. On the other hand, uber-melodic tracks “T.O.T.C” and “Bad Bad Bad” are going to make you sing along to the lyrics while dancing like a maniac to their infectious rhythms. These two tracks seem to tread a fine line between hard rock and pop-rock as they are easy to vibe to while also carrying the same playful nature as WARRANT’s “Cherry Pie” or DEF LEPPARD’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” The way this part of the album is put together really gives a great ebb and flow to the music.  

Track six, “What Is Dead Never Dies,” works like a transition piece into a more modern type of hard rock that the second part of the album serves to the listener. The track itself has a rather simple melody that is put to good use in the bombastic chorus, merging well with the groovy guitar line and pounding drums. The tempo rises with “Unholy Night” and “Heart of A Warrior,” two tracks where Arde Teronen’s vocals are the driving force, dancing atop a flurry of guitars, drums, and bass. The album picks up momentum with “You Better Run” and energetic closer “Something To Die For” as the guitars and vocals work in tandem to create tight and up-beat melodies. “If Only I Could” is the album’s ballad and is adorned with piano melodies, soulful and emotional vocals, and some nice percussions that accentuate certain moods and emotions that flow through the track.

One caveat I have regarding this album is that the ballad should either come after “What Is Dead Never Dies,” or at the very end, so as not to disrupt the flow of the album’s build-up in the last couple of songs. Being where it is now, it feels like there’s an unnecessary drop in tempo between “You Better Run” and “Something To Die For,” with the latter feeling a bit out of place there. Other than that, the production, courtesy of H.E.A.T.’s very own Jona Tee, is polished and boasts enough power and vitality so that the album leaves you wanting more. Hopefully concerts will resume soon, as these songs beg to be played live.

Hard rock can be extremely anthemic when done right and TEMPLE BALLS have crafted a really catchy and hooky album with “Pyromide.” These tunes will make the listeners dance, headbang, do aerobics, or do air guitar while singing along to the addictive melodies. Highly recommended to fans of anthemic rock and roll, high-energy music, and powerful rhythms as “Pyromide” features plenty of such melodic treats.

Written by Andrea Crow


  1. Thunder From The North
  2. Long Ways, Long Lies
  3. T.O.T.C.
  4. Fallen Youth
  5. Bad Bad Bad
  6. What Is Dead Never Dies
  7. Unholy Night
  8. Heart Of A Warrior
  9. You Better Run
  10. If Only I Could
  11. Something To Die For


Arde Teronen – Vocals
Jimi Välikangas – Bass
Jiri Paavonaho – Guitar
Niko Vuorela – Guitar
Antti Hissa – Drums


Frontiers Music