REVIEW: Somehow Jo! – Tusk


In the couple of months that the Finnish alternative/progressive metal act SOMEHOW JO! have released their latest album, “Tusk,” I’ve heard nothing but good things about the recent release, so when time allowed it, I decided to check out “Tusk,” released on 22 November 2020 through Inverse Records.

Not really knowing what to expect, I was positively surprised upon the first notes of “Alcoholiday,” a track that blendsgreat elements from 90s alternative metal together with progressive elements, which created a refreshing take on the genre. Even though their music is a bit complex, there are plenty of catchy moments that allow an easy-to-the-ear listening experience.

The album is a fun and exciting combination of sounds, it has bold moments with a lot of grooviness but also balanced things well out with overall heavy riffs. Each new song brings in a surprise, offering a real variety in the record, even though the band has managed to create their own sound and it’s very consistent all through “Tusk.”

Overall, “Tusk” surpassed expectations with its well-balanced sound and will show listeners this band’s worth. The unique sound the band has crafted has made for nine unique tracks with plenty of compelling guitar riffs and melodies, groovy bass lines, and stellar vocals. If you were – like me – late to the SOMEHOW JO! party, definitely check out “Tusk” as it’s worth the wait.


1. Alcoholiday
2. The Fear
3. Mad Town
4. 404
5. Heads and Tails
6. And the Oscar goes to
7. Waiting for midnight
8. Under the setting sun
9. 10 000


Christian Sauren- Vox & Guitar

Sakari Karjalainen – Additional vox & Guitar

Eero Aaltonen – Backing vocals & bass

Lassi Peiponen – Drums


Inverse Records