REVIEW: Šamane – Kaukana Virtaa Eufrat


“Kaukana Virtaa Eufrat” (“Far away flows Eufrat”) is the experimental debut album of a musical project created by Finnish solo artist Saara Šamane. If I would have to label her style, I would call it a Rock/Folk hybrid with an atmospherical emphasis. To use a fitting metaphor: the atmosphere seems to be the seed out of which the other style elements start to grow. Saara Šamanehas mentioned that the most important thing for her was to create a synthesis out of everything she has experienced, the places she has visited, and the feelings she has felt. This kind of spontaneity sounds very alluring indeed.

Šamane‘s creative vision, flowing from the fertile land where the Eufrat meets the Tigris, makes “Kaukana virtaa Eufrat” packed with colorful tracks. There is much to be discovered, from quirky folk melodies to more atmospheric, alternative pop/rock vibes. The album also frequently flirts with the boundary of world music, bringing some welcome Middle-Eastern warmth to the North. Lots of variation yet trance-like repetitiveness is what mostly sets the tone, tempting the listener into going on a journey of the senses. The song structures are simple and balanced, which makes this an easy listen despite the many experimental style shifts.

You will need some degree of open-mindedness for this one. I applaud Saara Šamane‘s courage for pouring her heart into it, quite like dipping a pen into her own soul while writing these songs. There’s magic in these exotic rhythms and sounds if you let it captivate you. If you need a meditative break from the daily grind kicking your butt, and you feel like drifting away upon the smooth, eerie waves of Saara Šamane‘s voice, give this album a spin.


1. I Intro
2. II Talvi
3. Ei Valoa
4. La Femme
5. Noiduttuna
6. Ne Kutsuu Mut Luokseen Kuolemaan
7. Yö Hallitsee Taivasta
8. Pilvet


Project by Saara Šamane

Record label

Last Day Records


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