REVIEW: Red Raven Down – EP: Phantoms


Red Raven Down already got introduced to us by frontman Jani Korpela participating in The Voice of Finland, where he even made it through the first round, in Michael Monroe’s team. His band now has got some new material for us. Their EP “Phantoms” was recently released through Inverse Records. The metalcore four-piece was formed in 2016 in Seinäjoki, but its member have quite a history in music. Because of Jani Korpela‘s adventure in The Voice, their music has been wide spread.


The intro is a typical intro for a metalcore EP. The tension is build up very nicely and smoothly and takes you right up to the next track, which is also the single “Ashes”. The few seconds in between both, should have not been there unfortunately. The transition between both of the songs could have been smoother, as “Ashes” starts o with another intro. “Ashes” is nicely build up though and is an easy song for all listeners. It’s a good song to have as a single. The next song and also the title track “Phantoms”continues to a great extent on the same line. The song has some interesting heavy riffs, and the rhythm sections in this song is the best. But it’s in here that Korpela‘s potential becomes even more clear. “Rotten” for me must be the most interesting song on the EP and shows me the potential of the band.
The influences of the band become very clear while listening to the EP, think of Trivium, Killswitch Engage or Parkway Drive for example. For a debut EP, the production has been quite okay, even though I would have liked to have more clear vocals, for me it is hard to follow and understand the lyrics at times. Some more accents in the vocal parts, could have also given more depth to the songs. But overall, the production is very great and I have little to remark.

Overall, I would say that Red Raven Down has shown us the potential they have and what they can do and even though they haven’t yet done anything innovating, I can see that the potential to do so is there and hope to hear a lot more from these guys. A promising start!



1. Intro
2. Ashes
3. Phantoms
4. Rotten


Vocals – Jani Korpela
Guitars – Esa Tala
Guitars – Manu Lenkkeri
Bass – Mikko Parkkonen
Drums – Jere Haapala