REVIEW: Memoremains – The Cost of Greatness


Metal has never been so diverse as it is nowadays. With new subgenres emerging continuously, it’s not a big surprise that mainstream pop music has slipped through the cracks and inspired bands. Even though the genre is relatively new, already there are some emerging acts ready to show their worth to the scene and MEMOREMAINS is one of those. Hailing from Seinäjoki, the band recently released their new album, “The Cost of Greatness” on 16 October 2020. Check out our interview here.

From the get-go, it’s instantly clear what MEMOREMAINS stands for: energetic tracks with a metal foundation, consisting of heavy riffs, topped with Eurodance-like, pumping synthesizer sounds that add an uplifting atmosphere to the songs. Tracks like opener “Eternal Flame” catch the listener’s attention and instantly showcase the catchiness that goes behind these songs. At the same time the song is proof that the band also has an eye for their roots and perhaps is the heaviest track on the album. Upbeat compositions like “Lift Me Up” and “Theme Park” are filled with hooks that might be tough to get rid of, once they’re stuck in your head. “Riot In The Crowd” is reminiscent of bands like BEAST IN BLACK and has a slightly more eighties vibe to it. “Mindreader” showcases that the band can switch gears easily and is an emotional, yet powerful ballad. The finale and title track of the album dials down on the poppy sound and focuses more on developing other elements within the music and altogether is perhaps the most balanced and progressive track of all.

“The Cost of Greatness” is an entertaining album that flows smoothly from start to finish. MEMOREMAINS manages to incorporate plenty of different elements to make this record an altogether enjoyable experience. The songs are energetic, uplifting, and refreshing, but lack a little bit of diversity as a whole. Nevertheless, the final track of the album truly showcases that MEMOREMAINS has plenty more to offer than they have shown us so far. The guitars and keyboards are mixed in the right proportions, complementing each other perfectly, resulting in all-in-all well-balanced tracks. With its catchy and hooky songs, given the current situation of the world, MEMOREMAINS will definitely brighten up your mood and day when listening to “The Cost of Greatness.”

Written by Laureline Tilkin


  1. Drown Memories
  2. Eternal Fame
  3. Bring It On
  4. Riot In The Crowd
  5. Where Is The Gold
  6. Lift Me Up
  7. Pounding Heart
  8. Mindreader
  9. Theme Park
  10. The Cost of Greatness


Johanna Ahonen – vocals
Mikko Kujanpää – keyboards 
Aleksi Mäkelä – guitars
Aapo Timonen – bass
Eemeli Timonen – drums