REVIEW: Limos – EP: Tales of the White Eye


It seems that Finland is a hotbed for new and exciting melodic death metal bands. Apart from the already established names like INSOMNIUM, AMORPHIS, OMNIUM GATHERUM, WINTERSUN, or SWALLOW THE SUN, Finland has a great number of emerging bands that have made this genre their preferred style of metal. Hailing from the woods of Kainuu, LIMOS is one such band and has released its second EP, “Tales of the White Eye,” on 3 July 2020 via Inverse Records.

Clocking in at 20 minutes and 25 seconds, the EP is as melodic and heavy as one would expect from this metal genre, yet the four songs are quite diverse and contrasting. Opener and first single released “Altars” is a classic death metal type of track, with harmonizing guitar lines, powerful drums, and intense vocal delivery. The fact that the guitar riff that opens it becomes the melodic backbone of the song is noteworthy, as the same melody is carried throughout and ties everything together. Even the solo seems to be an extended version of this melodic line and I can’t help but enjoy it. Eirik Manne’s gutturals contrast with the guitars, balancing out the sound; it’s not too sweet nor too bitter – it is just the right amount of both. This is such a great start to the EP. “Rise to Arms” has a more preeminent power metal vibe to it considering the singalong chorus, lyrical content, and the drumming pattern. The soaring guitars (especially the solo) add melody to the fold while the drums and bass ground the music in heaviness in a certain AMON AMARTH fashion.

Up next, beautiful and epic “Child of the White Eye” has a “story around a campfire” -type of feel to it that hooks the listeners from the get-go. The almost spoken vocals and the accompanying acoustic guitar melody give the song charm and mysticism, making this track a highlight of the EP. The relaxed mood of this particular song not only contrasts with the rest but gives the EP depth and complexity. Finnish title “Surullisten Järvien Maa” [Land of Sad Lakes] continues in the same line and has a proper spoken-word part midway through. The guitars are a bit more aggressive and the vocals are more diverse, showing just how talented and creative the band is. The folky guitar melody is simply delightful and this song closes the EP in style, leaving the listener wanting more.

If you are looking for a cascade of melodic riffs combined with well-delivered harsh vocals, look no further than this EP from LIMOS. “Tales of the White Eye” encompasses all the best melodeath has to offer and does so in an epic manner. Fans of all the aforementioned bands would be wise to invest some time into listening to these songs as I’m sure they’ll find plenty to enjoy about this release.

Written by Andrea Crow


  1. Altars
  2. Rise to Arms
  3. Child of the White Eye
  4. Surullisten Järvien Maa


Eirik Manne – vocals
Eppu Herala – lead guitar
Eetu Herala – rhythm guitar
Tuomas Suokko – bass guitar, vocals
Teemu Ohtonen – drums


Inverse Records



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