REVIEW: Lacuna Coil – Black Anima


The alternative Italian metal band LACUNA COIL are breaking boundaries again with their new album “Black Anima”, released on 11 October 2019 through Century Media Records. A little while ago we had the opportunity to talk to vocalist Andrea Ferro about the upcoming release, and it made us realize that with “Black Anima” LACUNA COIL have challenged themselves again.

“Black Anima” starts off with the eerie “Anima Nera”, a song that might divide listeners into different camps, for me the song does the trick, especially because the intense atmosphere it has managed to build up. The atmosphere shifts into “Sword of Anger”, which already shows how LACUNA COIL has managed to get even more heavy than on the previous albums. The song includes a catchy melodic chorus, and in general great dialogues between both singers. In “Layers of Time” the bass line punches through like a PERIPHERY song. This in general is something that I recognize throughout the whole album, the bass melodies are surprisingly progressive, and sound very fresh in combination with the more typical LACUNA COIL sound. It’s no surprise that the band chose “Layers of Time” as the first single, it’s the song that captures the vibe of the album the most, and definitely one its highlights. “Apocalypse” takes a more mainstream approach, and offers a bit of a break in between songs as it collides with the so far heavy and fast pace of the songs. The heaviest track on the album, and arguably the heaviest LACUNA COIL song ever made is “Under the Surface”, which is definitely a side of the band I’ve been looking forward to. “Veneficium” is a very nostalgic song, as it reminds of LACUNA COIL‘s gothic metal period. it’s also definitely one of my favorites on the album, as it balances the melancholic side with a perfect pinch of aggression. “The End Is All I Can See” lacks a little bit in energy and dynamics, and is probably the one song that the band could have left out without any huge issues. Luckily, “Save Me” makes up for what “The End Is All I Can See” couldn’t offer, and reminds a little bit of the “Comalies” sound. The title track of the album, which is at the same time the last track of the album ends the album on a higher not.

In “Black Anima” LACUNA COIL managed to fine-tune their sound, and impress with their heaviest album up-to-date. At times the alternative metal songs are filled with groove, melody, and aggression. There is a subtle hint of progressive metal present in some of the songs, which gives the band a unique approach to their genre, and hopefully this is something they dive into even more in the future. After twenty years the band still manages to come up with refreshing ideas, and this definitely might be one of my favorite LACUNA COIL albums ever since “Karmacode”.


1. Anima Nera
2. Sword of Anger
3. Reckless
4. Layers of Time
5. Apocalypse
6. Now or Never
7. Under the Surface
8. Veneficium
9. The End Is All I Can See
10. Save Me
11. Black Anima


Christina Scabbia – Vocals
Andrea Ferro – Vocals 
Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati – Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Synths 
Richard Meiz – Drums 


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