REVIEW: Korpiklaani – Live at Masters of Rock Stream @ Czech Republic (Musicalypse Archive)


Streaming events are gaining popularity these days and recently, KORPIKLAANI have joined in the fray. They have over 20 years of service in the metal fields, with nine full-length studio albums worth of material to share to the world and many fans worldwide have regarded them as a festival favorite. Recently on June 20th, 2020, Korpiklaani gave fans who have not yet experienced them live a chance to view their upcoming “Live at Masters of Rock” DVD in a live stream, to show them what they’re all about.

“Live at Masters of Rock” contains live footage of two different concerts – the first disc takes place in 2016, which features tracks off their then-latest studio record, “Noita” (2015), while the second disc focuses on their 2014 appearance, where the focus was largely on “Manala” (2012). The performance too place at the Czech Republic’s world-renowned Masters of Rock Festival. Through the whole live show, you can hear a mix of the time period’s new KORPIKLAANI songs with a mixture of fan favourites such as “Kultanainen,” “Vodka,” “Metsämies,” “Journey Man,” “Happy Little Boozer,” and many more.

The not-so-live stream was recorded live at the festivals in question and KORPIKLAANI manage to give their fans a feel for what they are able to bring to a show. Watching the live stream also made the premier extra special thanks to the chat, where people from all over the world could participate and share their feelings. The atmosphere was like being in a real live show thanks to all the cheering; when old songs were played, the chat veritably overflowed with emojis. The production and mixing into the live recordings of KORPIKLAANI’s music and performance was perfect to put you in the right mood; you feel as though you’re there, back in time, witnessing the show yourself. A round of applause goes to Svante Forsbäck, who mastered the live albums and DVDs in collaboration with lead singer Jonne Järvelä, for the clean and effortless mastering of the performance, which has given “Live at Masters of Rock” a great deal of spirit, and a lively one at that.

Despite having never seen a KORPIKLAANI show and listening to very little folk metal, these Finns are a band I’ve been able to identify as a phenomenal group, whether it be listening to a studio album or even watching clips of them on YouTube. Viewing these streamed festival performances shot my hopes right through the roof and got me feeling as if I was actually in the pit along with the vast audience of metalheads that caught them at the Czech festival in 2014.

Whether you’re a dedicated KORPIKLAANI fan or one that’s begun entering the world of alcohol-inspired Finnish folk metal music, it doesn’t take much for “Live at Masters of Rock” to draw you into the right spirit. If you choose to watch this, you’ll be in for one hell of a treat that’s equal to a thousand pints of sahti standing right in front of you.


Intro: Tanhuvaara
1. Tuonelan tuvilla
2. Ruumiinmultaa
3. Metsämies
4. Kantaiso
5. Juodaan viinaa (Hector cover)
6. Petoeläimen kuola
7. Sumussa hämärän aamun
8. Vaarinpolkka
9. Kultanainen
10. Uniaika
11. Louhen yhdeksäs poika
12. Uni
13. Vodka
14. Levan polkka
15. Rauta
16. Wooden Pints
17. Pellonpekko
18. Happy Little Boozer

Written by Peter Jerman

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