REVIEW: Dead End Irony – EP: Into The Void


A little while ago Dead End Irony, from Imatra, released their new EP “Into The Void”. The band is fueled by inspiration taken from NWOBHM and Power Metal. It goes without saying Dead End Irony gave their own touch to this mixture of styles. “Into The Void” was released in June.


“Through With You” is a great starting point for the EP. I’m instantly thrown back to the same atmospheres in music created by bands such as Angel Witch and Iron Maiden. But somehow, it’s more than that. The vocals often follow structures, that reminds me a lot of Power Metal – for instance, at times I’m getting a Cain’s Offering vibe strangely enough. This is something unexpected.

All-in-all the first song serves as a strong opener, it has a powerful and catchy chorus. The song is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t offer too much complexity, follows a simple structure. But in its simplicity, by combining strong riffs with driving melodies and a nifty guitar solo, it shows the potential of the band quite early on. The EP continues in the same way with “Anger & Violence”.

“Farewell” builds up tension very slowly, it’s drenched in melancholy and becomes more and more powerful and aggressive throughout the song. The buildup is very smoothly done. “Farewell” shows definitely another side of the band, more mellow, but with the same attitude.

The title track “Into The Void” wraps up the EP tightly. It starts very dangerously, slows down, then picks up its pace again when the vocals kick in. The song combines interesting riffs, intricate rhythms with easy-to-the-ear melodies and powerful vocals. A winner combination. Personally, I feel that this song represents the band the best for me and hope to see that the band continues in this direction.

So, wondering why you should listen to this album? First of all, the vocalist has a lot of potential. In the album, there’s a decent amount of variety, without losing his style or touch to his approach. Pronunciation is clear. Often I’m reminded of Klaus Meine and Blaze Bayley, with a more aggressive attitude. The EP offers some great guitar solos, that definitely add up to the songs. I always approve of great shredding. The rhythm sections in the EP offer a lot of variety as well, in general, the songs often have little breaks that sound very refreshing. If I could only make one tiny remark, it’s that the drums in the mix could have been a bit punchier and in general louder. This, however, doesn’t take anything away from the fact that I really enjoyed the EP and can easily be solved in the next release. I recommend this band and EP to people who are interested in some oldskool straightforward and solid heavy metal. A bright future awaits for these guys!

For Fans Of
Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, NWOBHM


Jori Kauppinen – Drums
Antti Vainio – Bass
Valtteri Backman – Vocals
Simo Jokela – Guitar
Kristian Valkama – Guitar


  1. Through With You
  2. Anger & Violence
  3. Farewell
  4. Into the Void