REVIEW: Chronoform – From The Void


About one month ago Finnish modern metal band CHRONOFORM released their debut album FROM THE VOID. This album is the result of 1,5 years of blood, sweat and tears, and listens as a chronicle of the band’s musical journey to where they are today.

The album is an interesting mix of progressive and more traditional elements, which kept me fascinated throughout. The opening track CONQUER immediately grabbed my attention with intense melodic riffs and the raw brutality of the vocals. The more atmospheric, proggy intermezzo’s blend in well as they give you some time to catch your breath and process. The title track FROM THE VOID perfectly conveys the memorable blend this album is: heavy riffs accompanied by pounding beats variated with more peaceful atmospheric vibes.

I especially like the way CHRONOFORM created a cohesive composition out of sounds that work so well together. Every track is well-structured, and managed to surprise me in its own particular way. The more groovy side of the album definitely comes out in tracks such as SIGHT OF ETERNITY, giving it yet another dimension to emerge yourself into. Every track is a stand-alone piece of excellent musicianship, but I do recommend listening to the whole album in one sitting at first, to really enjoy the distinct atmosphere the band creates.

FROM THE VOID makes for a unique listen with every track a well constructed array of different metal elements that blend into one captivating sound.

CHRONOFORM obviously put a lot of thought into this debut, wanting it to accurately reflect their identity as a band, and to me personally this proves to be very promising for upcoming work. I am looking forward to finding out what this journey sounds like live on stage. 


  1. Conquer
  2. Sight of Eternity
  3. Limbo
  4. Veil
  5. Purist
  6. Prophets
  7. From The Void
  8. Dusk
  9. Subatomic


Juha-Matti Järvenpää – bass

Eero Mäkiranta – guitar

Aapo Hakamaa – guitar

Niko-Petteri Westerholm – vocals

Vänni Panula – drums


Inverse Records