REVIEW: Avenie – EP: Stigmata


Founded in Tampere, AVENIE is an atmospheric melodic death metal band. The band has previously released their debut album “Sombre Embrace” in 2011, so it was a great surprise to see that the band would release a brand new EP “Stigmata” in December 2019.

The opening track “Morning Sun” is a great start of the EP, since the most important elements of the sound immediately become clear from the first round of listening. The atmosphere created by the keyboards is huge on this record and in combination with the outstanding guitar melodies, AVENIE has been able to create a unique blend of melodic death metal. A sound that continues in the title track “Stigmata,” which also features Markus Hirvonen of NOUMENA. Part of the atmosphere is also created by the use of clean vocals, which is especially clear in “God Mode,” where the chorus uses clean vocals and layered harmonies that lift the song up to the next level. The EP ends with the hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of “Gone,” a song taken from their debut “Sombre Embrace.” The strong growls of the original version have made way for clean vocals that work surprisingly well on the track.

“Stigmata” is an atmospheric hidden gem, that fans of melodic death metal and atmospheric metal, in general, will certainly appreciate: outstanding melodies, and captivating atmospheres that will allow you to immerse from beginning to end in “Stigmata.”

Written by Laureline Tilkin


  1. Morning Sun
  2. Stigmata
  3. God Mode
  4. Gone (acoustic version)


Matti Auerkallio – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drums & Bass
Felipe Muñoz – Keyboards



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