Red Wolf featuring members of Cyhra, Lost Society, and Stone release debut single “Crossing the Line.”


RED WOLF, a brand new project featuring Euge Valovirta, Samy Elbanna, Janne Joutsenniemi, and Adde Larsson, released their first single and video “Crossing the Line” today. Watch the video below.

Photo by Joonatan Kuisma & Mathias Törngren, Edited by Saila Semeri 

RED WOLF‘s debut album “Sessions Vol. 1” is to be released on 14 October 2020 and will have 10 songs of riff-based, groovy kickass metal. 

It all started in Spring 2020, during the COVID – 19 lockdown, when Euge Valovirta (CYHRA) had received compliments & questions about the songs he had used on his YouTube – channel’s videos which were just 1-2 minute clips of cool riffs basically written for a particular video about a certain amp, effect pedal, etc. 

Around the same time Adde Larsson, with whom Euge had played several CYHRA shows since he had filled in for Alex Landenburg, called Euge that he really likes Euge’s solo album “Easy Does It” and if he ever plans to record another he’d like to be the drummer on that. 

Since all of their main band’s tours were cancelled because of the COVID-19, they had plenty of time so they decided that Euge will complete the aforementioned clips into full songs at his home studio in Helsinki, Finland and Adde will then record drums on them in his hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. 

When the demos of the songs were finished Euge decided that the songs require vocals and someone to finish the writing process with him and the first guy he thought who’d be perfect for the job was Samy Elbanna (LOST SOCIETY) and Samy replied immediately, without hearing a single song, that he is in. 

After the drums were done Euge, Samy, and Janne recorded their parts at their home studios and by early July the recordings were finished, without the guys meeting once during this ume, and the mixing started at In Your Phase studios in Gothenburg, Sweden by Mathias Törngren

Euge Valovirta: “All of this happened very naturally and effortlessly and this has been probably the easiest album writing and recording process that I’ve ever been a part of and I’m really happy how everything turned out.

“‘Crossing the Linewas the first song we completed and it set the direction for the rest of the album. Its working title was ‘JCM800’ because it was written for my YouTube channels’ – video about my all-time favorite amp; Marshall JCM800 2203 which I used on the album, naturally.” 

Samy Elbanna: “As a person who always has enjoyed creating and doing as much as possible, this was an absolute dream to be a part of! This has been without a doubt one of the funniest and most organic projects I’ve ever had the honor to participate! Great songs and a great group of guys, what could be better?!”

Janne Joutsenniemi: “I haven’t played or sung for a while so this was a nice change for me to rock out with the guys, even from a distance since everybody played their parts on their own for obvious reasons. I haven’t even met or talked with Adde but it was really fun to play the bass on top of his drums and my playing fitted naturally to his playing.

I can hear the fresh and enthusiastic touch in everyone’s playing and everything was done in the spur of the moment since we had no time or need to analyze and rehearse things any further. It was straight forward full speed ahead, trusting your own intuition and that’s what music is all about.” 

Adde Larsson: “Having been working together with Euge as a stand-in drummer for Alex Landenburg in CYHRA for about 2 years and with a bunch of shows and tours under the belt together, me and Euge have really hit it off and he has become a very good and dear friend of mine. 

When this opportunity rose to do this project together there was absolutely nothing that would stop me in my tracks to take the change and join! To also be playing with Samy and Janne in the same band was a massive extra privilege and a surprise to say, especially knowing what they have achieved in their individual careers! 

It makes me very humble and excited to be a part of this machine and it’s just simply awesome and honoring to be a part of this all.”

Listen to the song on Spotify here.

“Sessions Vol. 1” – tracklist: 

01. Crossing the Line
02. The Road
03. The Point of No Return
04. Running In Circles
05. The Devil Inside of Me
06. Hypocrite
07. Watch It Burn
08. Coming for You
09. Face of God
10. I am The Night 


Euge Valovirta – guitar Samy Elbanna – vocals & guitar Janne Joutsenniemi – bass & vocals Adde Larsson – drums