PREMIERE: Moonlight Sorcery – Ice Veiled Spell


Another new name has appeared on the Finnish black metal scene: MOONLIGHT SORCERY. Formed in Tampere in 2018, this trio is planning the release of their debut EP on February 18th, but today, our premiere is exploring the soundscapes of their debut single, “Ice Veiled Spell,” which is set for release tomorrow, January 28th, 2022; however, you can check it out already today, below!

Focusing largely on the symphonic and melodic side of black metal, MOONLIGHT SORCERY opens the song in a traditional black metal blast-y sort of way. The vocals come in subtly, almost hidden behind the veil of music, melded into the atmosphere of the overall sound. The highlight is the soaring solo, however, which adds a nice hint of heavy metal into the gritter basement black metal sound. The song also ends on a strong guitar line, followed by an ambient outro that leaves the track on a gentler note.


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