PREMIERE: Coventhrall – Nova Burst


Power metal: we all know it and love it. It’s been around forever and we’ve heard it all. Or have we? If there’s anything that could certainly shake up the power metal scene, it’s more space operas, and that’s what COVENTHRALL have been offering with the singles for their upcoming release, “Legacy of Morfuidra,” which is coming out via Inverse Records later this year. Tomorrow marks the release of their third single, “Nova Burst,” which is an extremely upbeat, punchy, and fun blend of solid instrumentation from the traditional vocals-guitars-bass-and-drums, beefed up by some nice synths, while the blend of vocalists really adds to the mix (especially in the added details, like the radio conversations between the mercenaries)! You can check it out already today here!

“Nova Burst” is about four members of a mercenary army, presented by several different singers. In these roles, you can hear well-known vocalists from the Finnish heavy metal scene, such as Markku Kuikka, Aleksi Parviainen, and Christian Palin.

“Nova Burst is a legendary fighter wing of four pilots from a space mercenary army. Highly trained soldiers who have always been sent to the worst places and the most dangerous missions. If you’re alone in space and see something strange out there? And if you happen to be in trouble hoping to survive and save yourself, who you gonna call? Nova Burst, the toughest of all!” says singer and lyricist Sami Ilvonen.

Nova Burst callsigns:
Markku Kuikka: Mace
Aleksi Parviainen: Ghost
Sami Hakala: Drone
Christian Palin: Fire-Bat

In the song you can also hear Tuomas Nieminen in the role of Avatar and Tanja Kemppainen as Princess Celeste.

Guitar player Toni Bite looks back on the project with all these singers: “It was awesome to have so many great singers and friends to feature in this song and on the whole album. The days in the studio were fantastic when such good singers came in and out. They just sang their parts, and it sounded so good! I was pretty amazed and felt like the luckiest guy in the world. We had a great time, and we laughed a lot. Good days and good memories.“

Sami Ilvonen: vocals
Toni Bite: guitars
Jukka Hoffrén: bass, keyboards, guitars
Kimmo Korhonen: guitars
Janne Ojala: drums


Written by Bear Wiseman