PHOTOSHOOT: The Beards draw themselves for Artisti Artistin Silmin (Musicalypse Archive)


While co-founding photographer Jana Blomqvist doesn’t shoot regularly for Musicalypse anymore, you can still find her work here and there in our galleries and in collaboration with Rumba/Soundi/Inferno magazine. Her formerly weekly-running series, Artisti Artistin Silmin [artist in the eyes of the artist] features artists drawing themselves as they imagine themselves on stage. In November 2014, Austrialian niche folk rock band THE BEARDS played a show at Debaser Strand in Stockholm, so the Musicalypse team and Jana donned our beards and headed next door to see a band sing all about beards, and asked them to draw themselves as well. Here are a few behind the scenes shots of them doing their doodles.

Be sure to check out our bearded interview with the whole band!

Report by Bear Wiseman, photos by Marco Manzi
Musicalypse, 2014
OV: 2015

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