Oceanhoarse celebrates #Ozztober with Insomnium’s Markus Vanhala and Shiraz Lane’s Hannes Kett – Bark At The Moon video out now!


Helsinki-based Heavy Fucking Metal group OCEANHOARSE launched #Ozztober last year, to pay homage to one of their favorite artists, have some fun and basically keep the pandemic boredom and gloom at bay. They called up some of their colleagues from ENSIFERUM, CHILDREN OF BODOM, and SINERGY to collaborate on Ozzy tunes and released the live covers as videos on YouTube. Too much fun was had to let it remain as a one-off, and so #Ozztober is now an annual thing! 

This year, The Ozzy classic “Bark at the Moon” was chosen, and to help OCEANHOARSE make their version as rocking as possible, the band invited guitarist Markus Vanhala (OMNIUM GATHERUM, INSOMNIUM) and vocalist Hannes Kett (SHIRAZ LANE) to join the party. Check out the cool video now here:

“Choosing ‘Bark at the Moon’ as the song to do just around Halloween was a no-brainer,” bassist Jyri Helko says. “The song is killer, and the band, as well as the guests, went hard to make it justice!”

“Ozztober.. My friends in OCEANHOARSE asked me if I’d like to be a part of this year’s celebration and naturally, I said YES! Rocking out to some ‘Bark At The Moon’ and hanging out with friends is what good times are made of, am I right? Sharpen your claws and feel the luminating spell take over your whole body. Ladies, gents, and beings of the night, enjoy,” Hannes Kett says.

“Always been a huge Ozzy (and his guitarists!) fanboy, and when another Ozzy fanboy my buddy Ben asked me to jam ‘Bark At The Moon’ with ’em, I didn’t need to hesitate! Jake E. Lee stuff with Randy Rhoads polka dot, unorthodox? Pure joy!” Markus Vanhala comments.