Mortyfear released a new music video “Circus Called Life” in addition to their second album, “My Dystopia”


Finnish Seinäjoki-based metal band MORTYFEAR released their second studio album, “My Dystopia.” The album is recorded and mixed by Riku Metsä-Ketelä at Finnvox Studios/Rmksound and it is mastered by Svante Forsbäck (RAMMSTEIN, AMORPHIS, APOCALYPTICA, etc.) at Chartmakers. To celebrate the album release, the band also released a new music video for “Circus Called Life.”

Watch Circus Called Life music video:

Vocalist Janne Keskitalo comments: “We are thrilled that the release day is finally here. We have been excited about seeing the reviews the album has already gotten and now it gets to be heard by all the people. The songs of the new album ‘My Dystopia’ are the result of a process that we like to call “the blender.” That means that any of us can compose new music and throw it to blender and try anything with it. Then we discuss about it and maybe give it a one more spin in the blender. The recording process took some time and required a lot of effort of since we wanted to experiment with the songs and sounds. Although we had no boundaries when making the album, a certain insanity and evilness travels throughout the record making it a coherent entirety. The sound of Mortyfear has changed quite a bit since earlier releases but you can hear the dark vibes that are integrated to this band as a legacy. 

”You see the people whose only connection to the world is through social media. The only thing to achieve in life is popularity. For whatever the price. And others that don’t want it are freaks? I had a vision on the songs vocal line and how would I want it to sound like and to give the dissonance it needs to back up the story of living the life but hating still every part of it. We had it recorded in one take so we could capture the total insanity during the recording of it. We all connected to this song really hard. It also gave us the full push to make our sound something not so familiar and what has not be heard. We took it for a wild blender ride and gave it layers and ideas more and more until we got it down a little bit to a perfect amount of insanity and horror.”

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