Mikael Salo and David Olivares of Crossing Worlds release tribute to Andre Matos


A year ago the world lost a great Brazilian artist, composer, and singer – the legendary Andre Matos. Andre had an amazing talent of bringing his classical background into the world of heavy metal, through his vivid composition style, and an approach to his vocals that resembled more that of a fine-tuned instrument, as opposed to a more rough traditional heavy metal vocal style.

Driven by this tragic loss of the global metal scene, Finnish singer Mikael Salo teamed up with Chilean guitarist David Olivares. The idea of a tribute came to their minds and soon the duo started looking through Andre’s vast and rich discography. They decided to cover a song from his first solo album called “Looking Back.” This is a very special song to Mikael Salo, who names the album as his favorite from the maestro’s works. The lyrics deal with loss and the reminiscing of times past, it’s almost as if Andre would’ve composed this song thinking about his legacy and the passing of time. One thing is for sure, we will always remember his amazing career and celebrate his music into the future!

“Looking Back” will be the first track to be released from Olivares and Salo’s acoustic album “Crossing Worlds,” which is due to be released sometime next year. In the album, they will pay tribute to their heroes in music, covering a wide range of songs acoustically, with a goal to create an album to soothe the souls of wandering hearts such as theirs.