Medeia releases VHS music video


MEDEIA slashes out “Alternative Death.” Named after MEDEIA’s very own genre definition, “Alternative Death” offers a piece from the soulscape of the band’s next full-length. After the closing of MEDEIA‘s story that ended up spanning across four albums, finally reaching closure on last year’s “Xenosis,” the lyrical theme now takes a turn inward. Alternative death means to die before you die, referring to the death of the ego. Based on the various dysfunctions of the human mind, the track carries an undercurrent of positive energy beneath its grim initial expression in an attempt to empower and unify, just like any proper metal track will. The single’s music video has been made entirely using VHS-technology. Specialized in capturing the essence of live music, video wizard Valtteri Lahikainen teamed up with MEDEIA to drag the viewer deep into the nostalgic realms of visionary editing and hand-made effects.


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