Kyiv Psych Rockers STRAYTONES Reveal Album Details & Share First Single


August 27, 2021 will see Ukrainian psych and garage rock outfit, STRAYTONES, release their fourth album, entitled “Magic Green River Swimmin’ & Stunning Tarzanka Experience,” via Robustfellow.

Following their latest, critically acclaimed EP “Beware, Dark Lord! Here comes Bell-Man!” (2019) and countless live shows with acts such as SOMALI YACHT CLUB or STONED JESUS, on their upcoming full- length the Kiyv- based trio will delight rock fans with their vibrant blend of garage, psychedelic and surf rock. Imbued with the spirit of ’60s garage rockers and hippies, and heavily influenced by modern neo-psychedelic vibes, STRAYTONES may recall associations with THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, NIGHT BEATS, WAND, TY SEGALL, FUZZ OR OH SEES, but add a very own and refreshing touch to their distinctive, groovy sound.

Their new LP, “Magic Green River Swimmin’ & Stunning Tarzanka Experience,” significantly demonstrates the growth of the band in the realms of psych and garage rock. The genre grasp has truly increased, but the mood and the vibe of the sound is still sunny and familiar, and with their upcoming album STRAYTONES belong to the undisputable masters of their genre and beyond!

Lend an ear, as today, the trio released a first song taken from their new album. Says the band: “Oh yeah, here we go again! Yes, you got it right, we’ve got an album, and you will hear it soon! But first, check out the very first single that’s as hot as the middle of July (or simply Super Hot)!

Don’t be shy, take a Bluetooth speaker, head on to the beach and jump in the refreshing water while listening to it! We are looking forward to showing you more songs from this album that we’re very proud of and which is very diverse. Take our word, while the new song is Super Hot, the upcoming LP is much hotter!“

Listen to the brand new, high- voltage Straytones‘ song, “Super Hot,” the perfect soundtrack of your summer, right here:

“Our new album carries on a lot of stories and replete with a variety of colors, but we believe all of them perfectly fit into the Kyiv summer entourage.“ The band comments.

“The title is a play on words taken from famous rock albums and songs which were put together in a way to make a jocular and genuine mood of the album and to highlight the artwork. And the artwork captures a typical picture of Kyiv summer, which sticks in the memory since childhood, and worth mentioning – not much has changed since then! You can see a granny with naughty grandchildren, an old fisherman with his little boy, catamarans, clumsy home-made pie seller, boys from the hood with beer, tents, barbeque, reeds and canes, frogs, rope-jumps (we call it tarzanka-jumping), and more of what you can see on the bank of Dnipro river at summertime. These memories carry a warm tinge of carelessness, and we really wanted to express this mood with music and the artwork, and we think we did it just fine! Of course, not all these songs are about summer carelessness, but all they take their deserved place on the record. When we wrote these songs, recorded them, created an arrangement, mixed and mastered the records – we gave it 100%! Also, we wanted to mention that the album was recorded with Marina, our ex-drummer, and she’s put a lot of effort and talent into creating it. Currently, she’s not a part of Straytones anymore, and our beloved Eugenia took her place.”

“Magic Green River Swimmin’ & Stunning Tarzanka Experience” will be released as CD, Tape and Digital formats on August 27, 2021 via Robustfellow, with a pre-sale and a heavy touring schedule to follow soon.


  • 1. Fire – Fire!
  • 2. Broken Clock
  • 3. Oh Sweet Seeds
  • 4. Night Bird
  • 5. The Key
  • 6. Delusion
  • 7. Super Hot
  • 8. Magical River


Artem (guitar, vocals)
Eugenia (drums)
Vova (bass guitar