Interview with Marko Hietala – “Writing doomy and gloomy stuff is in my blood.”



  1. […] During our interview, Marko Hietala described his songs as hard prog, a combination of things he had done in the past. We haven’t had the opportunity to truly immerse ourselves into the songs in a live setting, as we only managed to catch a couple of songs from his set during Tuska. Yet, this album has truly been one of my favorite releases from 2019, and finally being able to watch those songs played live, has been something I’ve been really looking forward to. […]

  2. […] Having a break from his main band NIGHTWISH, Finland’s most legendary bass player MARKO HIETALA saw an opportunity to record his very own solo album “Mustan sydämen rovio,” which came out in May 2019. Marko Hietala also had an English version in the making, which is now seeing the light of day on 24 January 2020. Even though the album has been out for quite a while, we wanted to wait to write a review until we had listened to both versions of the songs. Check out our interview with Marko here. […]