Interview with Los Bastardos Finlandeses


interview with los bastardos finlandeses


With "Rock n Roll", LOS BASTARDOS FINLANDESES are back with their seventh studio album. They showcase that rock 'n' roll is still alive in a time where rap, hiphop and dance music dominate the charts worldwide. We had an interview with vocalist Bryn Jones about their latest release. 

Congratulations on your album release! How are you feeling about it?

Very relieved that we finally got here... It's been a long time coming by our standards, all sorts of different reasons why - just took a while to get this one out. So it's great to be done with the recording and heading back out on the road! 

Talking about the new album, what can listeners expect when listening to “Rock ‘n’ Roll”?

Great songs. Great playing. Good energy. 

People often say that rock ‘n’ roll is dead? How do you feel about that?

We're not dead yet. They can say what they want... 

How do you usually write the songs? Is it a collaborative process?

Traditionally one of the guitarists comes up with the riff and chords, and it's me who writes the vocal and melody. 

Who writes the lyrics? What inspires them?

I write the lyrics - with the imagery of the band coming out of the desert in Mexico. 

Are there some kind of overarching themes present in the songs? If so, what are they?

Quite a long of our songs relate to motorbikes and road trips. Then you've got the usual suspects: Booze and Women!   

The album has a raw and edgy sound. Is this something you were aiming for? Who took care of mixing and mastering?

I think we've always had a raw and edgy sound - we're not called  Los Bastardos for nothing! Our rhythm guitarist Olly took care of mixing and mastering with help from Ailu, our new lead guitarist.

What are the future plans after this album release? Can we expect some shows in Finland?

We have gigs across Finland all lined up, where we'll be playing material from the new album. They start this coming Friday 22nd March. But we actually already have a couple of songs written for the NEXT album!

Our upcoming gig listings can be found on the Los Bastardos Facebook page:

Any last thoughts to share for your fans?

We are both honoured and privileged that the Linden Brewery from Rauma have recently released a new Los Bastardos beer...  Even though we're actually all guinness drinkers they specially made a mexican lager to fit in with the Los Bastardos band imagery! For more information on where you can get this special brew check out the Linden Brewery's Facebook Page -