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The Finnish metal act IKINÄ recently released their latest album “Millenniaalin itsehoito-opas epävarmaan aikuisuuteen”. We had the opportunity to talk with the band about the album. Read the entire interview below.

Hi there! First of all, thanks for taking the time to do this interview! You just released your new album “Millenniaalin itsehoito-opas epävarmaan aikuisuuteen”, how are you feeling about the release?

Tuuli Paju: Hey! Of course! Yeah, our new album is out now and also the first release shows are done. We are feeling really grateful for all the feedback we’ve already got. This album is our second baby and we’re very proud of it!

Can you talk a little bit about the writing process of the album? Who writes the songs, and is it a collaborative effort?

Katariina Sorsa: It is very much a collaborative effort. We all contribute to every song. Roughly, the boys write the music and girls write the lyrics and melodies. Often Samuli and Santeri bring in the first rough demos. Lauri has a role in putting the songs together as a producer both in honing the topline with us and arranging or rewriting some music. 

The title in English translates as “Millennial Self-Care Guide for Uncertain Adulthood”. Is that the overarching theme of the album? If so, can you elaborate a little about the topics the lyrics are about? 

Katariina Sorsa: Quite at the end stretch of the album process we noticed that actually all of the lyrics we had written had been circling around this same theme, quite typical struggles and thoughts of our generation. “Senkin Millenniaali” is the lead song for this theme. “Ttu mun elämä on jees” is about the cruelty of social media and building your self-image around it. Then we talk about falling in and out of love in “Lässyä tarinaa, Tulisilla hiilillä” and about commitment in “Paljaana”

Millennials also have been referred to as Generation Wuss, a group that often described as “overly sensitive”, and “easily triggered by things that one could not even imagine being triggered by”. How do you perceive your own generation?

Katariina Sorsa: One thing that I feel like Millennials struggle a lot with is uncertainty – of their careers, relationships, etc. We own a lot less than generations before us and use our money to seek experiences. 

You talk about an uncertain adulthood. What do you feel is the most challenging for Millenials? Has this had an influence on your music?

Katariina Sorsa: A lot has happened in all of our lives during the album process. The lyrics are often the result of discussions we have about what’s going on in our lives or the world around us, what feels hard at the moment or gives us joy. So things we share often come into songs.

In the music video of “en tullu pysähtyy”, there’s a CrossFit theme going on, which is also present in some of your other videos. How important of a factor was CrossFit (or in general sports)  in terms of getting inspired for the album? Related to that, what are your workout songs, and what makes a song a workout song?

Katariina Sorsa: We all share the thought that we need to take care of ourselves (and each other) in order to live a balanced life. The workout is a part of this. The Paju siblings both are working/have worked as personal trainers and Lauri has lately found workout as a really important part balancing his week. I asked some workout song recommendations on the tour bus:

Samuli Suokas: Whitechapel

Santeri Paju: “Fit for a King” – Engraved

Tuuli Paju: As an inspiration, sports give us a lot of energy as we are also a very physical band on the stage.

The Y on the cover art is I believe a reference to Millennials (also called Generation Y). Is there another story being the cover art? 

Tuuli Paju: Yes, it is. When we were talking about the album name we were also planning what we want to present in the cover. We wanted it to be a symbol of the whole album.

Now that the album is released, you’re also going to have some shows. What can people expect from an Ikinä show? 

Tuuli Paju: I could claim that Ikinä is one of the most energetic bands in Finland at the moment. It’s really important for us to see and feel the audience and make those shows something to remember. It’s interactive, nothing’s possible without people who come to watch us and our aim is to give everything we have. We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously at the gigs, so people can expect to have fun and to see a sincere band on the stage. 

You’re also performing as a support act to Stam1na, one of Finland’s biggest and longest-standing metal bands. How is it to be able to share the stage with them? 

Tuuli Paju: Well it’s always an honor to share the stage with Stam1na. I think we share the same kind of energy with them so it has been lots of fun getting to know them and warming the stage. They are a really nice and easygoing band and have always been welcoming for us. The audience has liked the combination of us playing shows together too.

So far, there are only three shows announced. Are you planning to do a Finnish tour later on with the album?

Tuuli Paju: By far these are the shows we’re going to during this fall and everything is still open for next year. But it is sure that you can see us live next year!

Do you have any last comments/thoughts to share with our readers?

Tuuli Paju: Thank you for listening to our album and coming to see the shows! We can’t say this too much, but without the audience there’s nothing. So thank you. Also, go and check out our music videos. The latest video is from a djent-ballad called ‘Paljaana’. See you!


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