Interview with Balance Breach


Every year Helsinki is the home of a competition dedicated to get a local band to play at Tuska. The Tuska-Torstai band competition in the previous editions has brought winners forward such as KEOMA. This year two bands were selected as winners, one of them BALANCE BREACH.

BALANCE BREACH is a Modern metal band founded in Mikkeli in 2014. The guys are up to deliver a live-performance with an energy explosion, to say the least.

We had the opportunity to ask the band some questions so you get to know them better right on time for their show at Tuska.  Read the complete interview here.


Congratulations on your victory at Tuska Torstai! What went through your minds when they announced the results?

Thanks a lot! When we entered the competition we made a decision: this time we’ll go all the way! At the same time we had to stay humble because the quality of the bands in this year’s competition was excellent. Every step forward in the competition was a huge thing for us but the announcement of the winners in the final was something more. To be completely honest we didn’t think we would make it to Tuska because all the bands were amazing in the final. The screaming and jumping continued quite a while after we heard the results.

Can you give a brief history of Balance Breach for people who haven’t heard about you yet?

Balance Breach was formed in 2014. Prior 2014 the band had a different name and vocalist for many years, starting from as early as 2006. When we parted ways with our original vocalist and Aleksi joined the band we thought it was a good idea to start from scratch. We changed our name to Balance Breach and let go of our previous work. Since 2014 Balance Breach has released Incarceration EP (2015) and three singles (Babylon / 2017, Memento / 2018 and Hypocrite / 2019).

How would you best describe your sound?

We play modern metal and combine elements from melodic metal, djent and hardcore in our music. Reference bands would be something like Architects or Polaris.

What do you have in store for those who would like to check out Balance Breach at Tuska? What can they expect from your show?

Our show will be filled with energy, great songs and positive atmosphere. Our set will be quite dynamic so we’ll introduce our sound to the audience comprehensively.

To bands participating with a competition like Tuska Torstai next year, what can you tell them as a tip for participating?

Don’t take anything for granted and keep in mind that nowadays it‘s not enough that you only sound and play good. You must be able to market yourself and come across as a professional band. In competitions like Tuska Torstai you only have a short amount of time to play so you have to give out 100% from the beginning till the end of your set. It is essential to gain experience from playing live shows as much as possible before taking part in the competition. And most importantly enjoy the opportunity you’re given, engage with the audience and respect your fellow competitors and the competition crew.

You’re still a relatively small band, opportunities like this are quite unique when you just start out. Have you played bigger shows before, or are there any other shows planned for the summer?

Tuska will definitely be our biggest show yet. In 2017 we played at Aurora Concert Hall in St.Petersburg which was probably quite alike sizewise. We’re also taking part in Kuopio Rock band competition and the winner will play at Kuopio Rock this summer. Kuopio Rock band competition final is on 5th of July.

You guys recently released a new single “Hypocrite”. Are you working on a full-length album that fans can expect in the near future? If so, when can we expect it?

We are currently working on our debut album. We are about 80% ready with the material and we’ll be going for the final ”composing camp” in July. After that we’ll be demoing and perfecting the rest of the material and start the recording process later this year. The album will be out in 2020, hopefully followed by many live shows!