I Am God to release new album, “SINister.”


Hailing from Lapland, Finland, I AM YOUR GOD’s newest album, “SINister,” will be a true gem for any fan of bands like CHILDREN OF BODOM, IN FLAMES, or SOILWORK. In between heavy riffs and punchy breaks (“Warriors”), I AM YOUR GOD succeeds in writing huge guitar melodies intertwined with a crisp sound and catchy refrains.

All-in-all, there are so many aspects within the sound of “SINister,” which always maintain an affinity to melody, which makes all songs on the album easily enjoyable. Describing their record as “the culmination of our journey from the past two years with massive development as songwriters and musicians,” which clearly shows within the outcome of eleven individually strong tracks. As the band comments:

“At the same time this album process has been the biggest pain in the ass, and also the driving force on our lives. While listening to the record, you can taste lots of these kind of extremities, and feel our mighty struggling in life, which is also one of the main themes lyrically.”

If you consider yourself a fan of modern and melodic metal music, “SINister” might be one of your new favorite albums of 2023. In between melodic death metal, pagan metal, bits of metalcore, and slight black metal influences, I AM YOUR GOD create a sound that easily stands out from most bands around. Don’t sleep on this release that comes with a bombastic sonic design and huge momentum. “SINister” will be released on May 5 via Out Of Line Music.

The band also recently released the fifth and final single before the album release, “Shotgun,” which combines groovy melodies and heavy riffs in one song. The band comments: ”With its super groovy and rebellious temper, ‘Shotgun’ represents another extremity from our second album called ‘SINister.’ Lyrically it’s full of discharge, defiance, and self-destructive actions: if you have already managed to drive yourself crazy, the only way to deal with it is to top the speed and fight the fire with fire. ‘Shotgun’ is an unambiguous party anthem, and will do the needed last preparement before the album release as the final single. PULL THAT TRIGGER!”

Watch the lyric video to “Shotgun”:

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