How to get to Mystic Festival 2022?


Gdansk is one of the best-connected cities in Poland, so you can come to Mystic Festival 2022 by land, water and air!

It’s only a 4-hour highway ride from Warsaw, 6 hours from Berlin and a little over 8 hours from Prague.

By ferry, you will arrive at Tri-City from Sweden and Finland.

There are direct and cheap flights to Gdańsk from all major European destinations, including Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria, as well as the USA and Canada.

Once you arrive in the city, you can get around by SKM train, which will take you to the festival from any point in the Tri-City. Get off at the Gdańsk Stocznia stop.

If you’re looking for transportation to Mystic Festival or have a place in your car, we encourage you to look for a proper company at the official Facebook group: CLICK HERE.

The new dates of the festival are 2-4 June (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). The festival will take place in the Gdańsk shipyard.

On June 1st, we’ll organize Warm Up Day with special concerts and many other attractions. The number of tickets for Warm Up Day will be strictly limited. More details on the event and the line-up will be published soon.

Ticket holders for Mystic Festival 2020 and 2021 will be entitled to take part in Warm Up Day without any additional fees. All your tickets remain valid and they become 4-day tickets, which do not need to be updated. This concerns also the holders of the upgraded 1-day tickets. 

A strictly limited number of 4-day tickets (with access to Warm Up Day) will be available at a special price of 479 PLN until 23rd December 2021 or until the ticket pool is sold out.

1-day tickets may be upgraded to 4-day tickets for a special price of 200 PLN until 23rd December or until the ticket pool is sold out.

Everyone who keeps their tickets from 2020 or 2021 (this also concerns those who upgraded their 1-day tickets) apart from access to Warm Up Day will receive a special, limited CD with recordings of Mystic Festival artists. This CD will never be available in the general purchase.

Mystic Festival is brought to you by: 

Mystic Coalition

Knock Out Productions

Mystic Production