Heavy August: Hard-hitting single of the month.


Every month will gather an overview of some of the best singles our staff has encountered. Summer continued in Finland with only a couple of small festivals, but nevertheless, a lot of bands still released new music to keep spirits high during the summer. Here is a selection of what we enjoyed the most.

Gojira – Another World

Space of Variations – Room 57

True Cult Club – Touch Me

Cory Marks ft Lzzy Hale – Out In The Rain

Eshtadur – All She Wrote

Skeletal Remains – Congregation of Flesh

Black Fate – Savior Machine

Alexis Marshall – Nature In Three Movements

Cold Home – Lament

Nachtblut – Das Puppenhaus

Leaves’ Eyes – Dark Love Empress

Apocalyptica feat. Lzzy Hale – Talk To Me

Skraeckoedlan – Doomedag

No Joy feat. Alissa White-Gluez – Dream Rats

Metz – Hail Taxi