GALLERY: 9.4.2022 Obnoxious Youth & Maggot Heart @ Kuudes Linja, Helsinki


In an April filled with live-music action, we returned once again to Kuudes Linja for an exciting evening of sweaty speed metal and in-your-face rock tunes, courtesy respectively of OBNOXIOUS YOUTH and MAGGOT HEART.

The former opened up the evening, setting the right energy and exciting the hardcore fans of the genre who didn’t miss this appointment, headbanging in the first rows all the way till the end. OBNOXIOUS YOUTH are always a guarantee when looking for a killer live act, and they went yet again at full speed through their show, fulfilling once again the expectations. The atmosphere in the venue heated up just right for MAGGOT HEART

Even though the audience was much more shy at first compared to the opening band, the gritty punk rock riffs and attitude of the trio – fronted by the Swedish Linnéa Olsson (ex-THE OATH and GRAVE PLEASURES) – slowly conquered the audience. The band demonstrated good alchemy on stage and didn’t miss the opportunity to show how great it is to be finally back playing live (for both them and the fans), while songs such as “Show Them Your Teeth,” “Soulpolice,” and “No Song” appeared throughout the show.

As it’s often the case when having a good time, the evening went by very quickly, leaving plenty of opportunity to fill the local pubs for some after-show drinks, all with the hope of seeing these guys perform again soon.