GALLERY: 7.8.2021 Fireproven @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


It seems a thing of the past, going out on a Friday night and having more than one option to do so. Live shows are back (for now) in Helsinki and somehow I was even running a double shift on August 7th, 2021. My first stop of the night would be at On The Rocks, the legendary venue near the railway station, where the progressive metal act FIREPROVEN was playing.

I got acquainted with the band after the release of their single, “The Addict,” where they introduced their new singer, Sanna Sola; as a matter of fact, this show would be her first live show with the band. They have been releasing strong singles ever since her inclusion, so when they announced that they’d be playing at On the Rocks, I knew I had to be there. It turned out to be a great decision. Bands tend to sound a little bit too clean on their studio recordings, so it’s during their live shows that you really get to see their worth. If a band sounds exactly the same as they do on their studio recordings, it’s usually not the best sign. Luckily, FIREPROVEN is one of those bands that is more explosive during songs. A song like “The Addict,” for instance, sounds relatively neat on record, but has great dynamics and energy live. Because of the complexity of their music, most of the band was focused on their instruments; however, Sanna Sola was very impressive, with an energetic performance and vocal versatility, ranging from aggressive growls to beautiful clean singing. Altogether, if you are a fan of progressive metal, FIREPROVEN is a band to look out for!

Check out our photo gallery of the event below…

Photos by Laureline Tilkin