GALLERY: 7.4.2022 Rust n’ Rage, One Desire, & Brother Firetribe @ Utopia, Turku


After the release of “Feel the Burn,” the classic Finnish adult oriented rockers of BROTHER FIRETRIBE were set to do some touring with ONE DESIRE. Unfortunately, the coronavirus did a good job of making sure that didn’t happen. Fortunately, a local tour was scheduled for the spring of 2022, with the full package – including RUST N’ RAGE stopping by Utopia in Turku on April 7th.

RUST N’ RAGE are a new-age hard rock band from Pori. They’ve been around for a while, though we haven’t been hearing much of them until a bit more recently. They put on a pretty good show, with special mention going to their drummer, who had the best moves of the whole evening.

ONE DESIRE are one of those bands that feel pretty good when they play on the radio, and that was very much the same feeling this night. Stylistically, they were a good match to open up for BFT. The headliners, of course, put on a great show, largely thanks to the charisma of frontman Pekka Heino. His soothing voice carried the collection AOR tracks nicely. The setlist was mostly comprised of new tracks, which the crowd eagerly ate up… though naturally, some big cheers came from fan favorites like “Indelible Heroes” and “I Am Rock.”

Ultimately, this night was a fun shake-up from the usual metal scene.

Rust n’ Rage

One Desire

Brother Firetribe

Photos by Sami Hinkkanen
Text by Bear W.