GALLERY: 6.8.2022 – DAY 5 – Beyond the Gates Festival @ Bergen, Norway


Beyond the Gates, one of the best black metal festivals and one of the biggest ones in Norway is finally back in its original form after 2 years of pandemic. The festival brought Bergen’s black metal scene to life from August 2nd to August 6th. The performances take place at three different venues: Kulturhuset Club, USF Verftet, and Grieghallen. There are also plenty of events and DJ sets during the whole festival so attendees can have fun both during the day and at night, regardless of the time. 

The last day started with a short performance of UNTO OTHER, followed by a very dark performance (mostly because of lack of stage light) of TRIBULATION. TRIBULATION played songs from their newest album „Where the Gloom Becomes Sound”: „Funeral Pyre,” In Remembrance,” Leviathans,” and a few of their classics including „Melancholia” and Strange Gateways Beckon.” Then CANDLEMASS appeared on stage and was enthusiastically received by the crowd from the very beginning. CANDLEMASS played their most famous album „Nightfall.” During the performance of „Bewitched,” the crowd went wild, screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. The festival’s last concert was a  highly expected, theatrical performance of MERCYFUL FATE. King Diamond appeared on stage in his goat mask and the band started with the song „The Oath” followed by „A Corpse Without Soul” and a new song „The Jackal of Salzburg.” They played their classic tracks from the albums „Melissa” and „Don’t Break the Oath.”  MERCYFUL FATE’s concert was an impressive way to end the entire festival.

Beyond The Gates is not only about concerts. The festival includes a tattoo convention, live interviews with musicians, guided tours, listening parties, and many more. The festival offers a truly wonderful experience where you can meet amazing people from all over the world. I highly recommend it not only because of the lineup but also of the atmosphere of the entire event. See you next year, Beyond The Gates!

Photos by Aleksandra Majak