GALLERY: 6.10.2023 Licht Des Urteils, Malignament, Sacrilegious Impalement, Black Crucifixion @ Utopia, Turku


Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a connoisseur of good black metal, so it was more than exciting when on October 6th, 2023 I had a chance to listen to some intriguing black metal bands at Utopia club in Turku when LICHT DES URTEILS, MALIGNAMENT, SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT, and BLACK CRUCIFIXION were scheduled to play.

The first band of the night was a group from Tampere, LICHT DES URTEILS. The group specializes in classic occult, satanic black metal. They came on stage in full corpse paint, wearing bones and reversed crosses, and delivered a deliciously brutal set. Scorpio’s shrieking vocals accompanied by heavy, intricate riffs filled the club as the crowd was gathering for the evening. 

The second band of the night was MALIGNAMENT, classic black metallers from Lappeenranta. Their performance was great, they successfully got everybody headbanging along to their music, and a few people even created a mini-circle pit. MALIGNAMENT is a band with solid technique, immaculate vibes, and brutal music, which is a very pleasant combination both live and on the albums.

The third performance of the night was SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT, a black metal group from Lahti. Their performance was literally ground-shaking. They delivered the deliciously brutal black metal that everybody in the club came for that night. Just a hypnotizing wall of music that in no time had everybody captivated. 

Finally, the headliner took to the stage. BLACK CRUCIFIXION emerged from backstage dressed like regular people, with no corpse paint, no occult symbols, just four guys with guitars and drumsticks, dressed in black. After the initial image surprise came another. Their music. It was black metal, obviously, but it was somewhat different from the previous three bands. It was more intricate, it was way more technical and more complex. The guitar work was insane, but the percussion parts were what really caught my attention. Definitely a band that is worth looking into more in-depth.

Overall the evening was a great experience, with four amazing bands and tons of good old brutal satanic black metal that everybody loves. Check out our photo gallery here… 

Licht Des Urteils


Sacrilegious Impalement

Black Crucifixion

Photos by Magdalena Niemczura