GALLERY: 4.11.2021 Hellsinki Industrial Festival pre-club @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


Festivals are slowly making a comeback, so on a dark autumn evening, we managed to visit On The Rocks for the warm-up show to this year’s Hellsinki Industrial Festival.

Finnish dark synth VVOV was first on stage, in front of an audience that still seemed a bit shy early in the night. This was followed the Estonian act PEDIGREE, riding on the enthusiasm of their very energetic frontman whose T-shirt clearly gave away the GODFLESH influences in their heavy sludge/doom-oriented sound. The band was definitely a positive surprise for the night.

Headlining the evening was KHROMA. Despite some technical difficulties that halted the show for a few minutes after only two songs, the guys kept their cool – making jokes in the meanwhile – and ended up delivering an entertaining performance. This was the occasion to finally introduce the new songs from “Ex Nihilo” to a live audience, accompanied by fitting visuals on screen behind drummer Antti Honka.

Still being a Thursday and running a bit late in the night, unfortunately part of the audience left before the end of the show, while the most loyal fans could enjoy in full this preview of the weekend’s main event at Ääniwalli.