GALLERY: 3.8.2022 – DAY 2 – Beyond the Gates Festival @ Bergen, Norway


Beyond the Gates, one of the best black metal festivals and one of the biggest ones in Norway is finally back in its original form after 2 years of pandemic. The festival brought Bergen’s black metal scene to life from August 2nd to August 6th. The performances take place at three different venues: Kulturhuset Club, USF Verftet, and Grieghallen. There are also plenty of events and DJ sets during the whole festival so attendees can have fun both during the day and at night, regardless of the time. 

The second day of Beyond the Gates brought a more progressive, doom, and heavy atmosphere in comparison to the first day. In USF Verftet, LUCIFER gave an energetic performance bringing the ’70s’ true spirit. Their performance included both songs from the newest „Lucifer IV”: „Bring Me His Head,” „Crucifix (I Burn for You)” and well-known songs from older albums like „Dreamer”: Ghosts,”Leather Demon,” and „Midnight Phantom.” Next band was Islandic SÓLSTAFIR. What I liked the most about their performance was the bond they created with the audience. The headliner of the day was OPETH with a very diverse setlist including among others „Hjärtat vet vad handen gör,” The Drapery Falls,” and Ghost of Perdition.”

Photos by Aleksandra Majak