GALLERY: 29.3.2024 – Day 2 – Inferno Metal Festival @ Rockefeller & John Dee, Oslo


As darkness fell over Oslo’s Rockefeller and John Dee venues on March 29th, 2024, the second day of Inferno Festival attracted a crowd of devoted black metal fans. With a lineup featuring the likes of ARTHUR BROWN, CARPATHIAN FOREST, SÓLSTAFIR, and GORGOROTH headlining the night, attendees prepared for another night of sinister music.

The night began with a twist as the legendary ARTHUR BROWN took the stage. The godfather of shock rock and the god of hellfire captivated the audience with his theatrical performance and avant-garde stylings, setting a spooky atmosphere for the evening.

Following ARTHUR BROWN‘s set, CARPATHIAN FOREST emerged from the shadows, delivering a blistering onslaught of raw, primal black metal. With their grim atmosphere and savage intensity, the Norwegian veterans reminded the audience why they are revered as one of the genre’s most iconic acts.

Then, SÓLSTAFIR, an Icelandic metal band, mesmerized the audience with their hypnotic melodies. Their setlist included tracks like “Akkeri,” “Fjara,” and “Ótta.” Finally, GORGOROTH, the infamous Norwegian black metal titans, unleashed their intense performance, led by vocalist Atterigner this time, well-known from GORGOROTH’s last long-play album “Instinctus Bestialis.”

As the final notes of GORGOROTH‘s set echoed into the night, and the smoke cleared from the stage, the second day of Inferno Festival came to a close with theatrics of ARTHUR BROWN to the primal fury of CARPATHIAN FOREST and the otherworldly atmospherics of SÓLSTAFIR. Check our photo gallery from the second day of Inferno Festival here…





Photos & text by Aleksandra Majak