GALLERY: 29.04.2022 One Morning Left, Blind Channel, & Electric Callboy @ Hype Park, Krakow


On Friday, April 29th,2022, ELECTRIC CALLBOY (formerly known as ESKIMO CALLBOY) – with support from their Finnish friends BLIND CHANNEL and ONE MORNING LEFT – hit Hype Park in Krakow as part of their Hypa Hypa Tour. The show was organized by the booking agency, Knockout Productions.

ONE MORNING LEFT was the first band to kick off the show. This Finnish band is an interesting mix of 8-bit synthwave with metalcore and a sip of fun, led by Mika Lahti. Fun is the keyword: colorful, aggressive, leopard vans shoes, tank tops, and a beach ball flying around. The musicians were enjoying every second on the stage and the crowd was in full-on party mode. They performed their top banger songs – the infamous cover of “Beat It” and “You’re Dead! Let’s Disco!”

BLIND CHANNEL needs no introduction as Eurovision’s 6th place, who are beloved by many lady fans. With a change of mood in pace, their act was more minimalistic and monochrome. A lot of Finnish flags could be seen in the crowd. They kicked off with “Sinners” and the true fans quickly emerged, screaming every word of their Finnish favorites. Two covers – the first of Eminem‘s iconic “Lose Yourself” and the second, Anastacia’s “Left Outside Alone” – were performed in true metal style. Then the public toned down to the tunes of the love ballad, “Bad Idea.” Finally, the closing track was the Eurovision anthem “Dark Side,” but the uncensored version, with all the middle fingers up. 

ELECTRIC CALLBOY have been around since 2010, but it was 2020 that was crucial. With Nico Sallach joining the band, they released the single “Hypa Hypa,” which reached over 60 million plays in record time! Mullets, fake mustaches, vintage ’80s clothes, and an overdose of charisma and energy – that was expected at their show and it didn’t disappoint. They opened with “Pump It,” rocking those aerobics outfits and covering the crowd in confetti. Unfortunately, one of the two frontmen, Kevin Ratajczak was absent; Nico was covering for them both and did an excellent job! They continued with older stuff like “Hate/Love,” “Best Day,” and “Crystals,”  also having a costume change into more casual clothes, all the while blasting the venue with nonstop riffs and beats. They went into acoustic territory with “Prism,” letting the sweaty, confetti-covered crowd catch their breath, waving their phone flashlights up. Then, in an unexpected moment, drummer David Friedrich spoke to the crowd in Polish, thanking them for coming and presenting the next song, “Spaceman.” ELECTRIC CALLBOY saved the cherries for the end and closed the set with “Hypa Hypa” and “Got the Moves”; at that point, the venue exploded in moshpits, dancing, cheers, and more confetti! 

Overall the show was amazing! Fans in colorful tracksuits and gloomy Goth-like clothing gathered for the metal disco party. The technical side was flawless. Knockout Productions and Contra are keeping the quality of shows top-notch.

One Morning Left

Blind Channel

Electric Callboy