GALLERY: 28.9.2023 Sonata Arctica, Reckless Love, Luna Kills @ Logomo, Turku


On September 28th, three outstanding Finnish bands graced the stage at the Logomo in Turku, delivering an unforgettable evening filled with exceptional music.

The first band to kick off the night was the well-known local group from Kuopio, LUNA KILLS, led by the charismatic vocalist Lotta Ruutiainen. Their performance, although brief, showed boundless energy, captivating the audience with their infectious rock anthems, engaging and entertaining the audience to the max.

Next in line were the glam rock legends, RECKLESS LOVE, fronted by the energetic and perpetually smiling vocalist, Olli Herman. They treated the audience to renditions of their most beloved songs, with the crowd joyfully joining in the sing-alongs. It was a great performance that left a lasting impression.

Finally, it was time for SONATA ARCTICA to take the stage, greeted by thunderous applause and cheers. Their setlist featured a collection of their greatest hits, including their iconic anthems and the electrifying, fast-paced power metal that their fans adore. They began with “Closer to an Animal,” followed by an array of classics such as “Fullmoon,” “I Have a Right,” “Paid in Full,” and the sole ballad of the night, “Tallulah.” During this moment, Tony Kakko playfully remarked that the song had been composed before some of the audience members were even born. To conclude their set, they delivered a powerful rendition of “Don’t Say a Word” and indulged the crowd with the mandatory “Vodka Song.” No true SONATA ARCTICA gig is complete without it. The lively hum of the “Vodka Song” echoed through the air as concert-goers made their way to the parking lot, signifying the resounding success of the night.

Luna Kills

Reckless Love

Sonata Arctica

Photos by Magdalena Niemczura