GALLERY: 28.4.2023 Dome Runner & Grave Pleasures @ Korjaamo, Helsinki


Only recently, post punk act GRAVE PLEASURES released their highly anticipated full-length album, Plagueboys.” Because we were quite impressed by the new songs, we decided that it was only natural to check out their release show at Korjaamo in Helsinki on April 28th, 2023.

When we arrived at the venue, we were a little confused as there were two drum kits on the stage, but the event didn’t say anything about a support act. We soon discovered that the support act for the evening was DOME RUNNER and upon a quick Google Search, also found out that they have fairly little in common with GRAVE PLEASURES, other than sharing their homebase of Tampere. Dubbing themselves as machine metal music, they had quite the aggressive and sludgy sound, something you wouldn’t quite expect. We didn’t know any of their songs, but were altogether quite impressed by their show. When leaving the stage, the singer put his guitar on the ground and feedback was still sounding a couple of minutes after the show.

Then, it was time for GRAVE PLEASURES. The crossover was quick, having had a little bit of a delay with the support act, but the band was able to start only a few minutes after the planned showtime. To nobody’s surprise, we were really impressed with the quality of the new songs. All of them worked really well in a live setting and a lot of people were either singing along already or dancing to the poppy tunes. The show started with a personal favorite, “Disintegration Girl” and “Heart Like a Slaughterhouse.” The setlist included more new songs, but also thankfully had some classics from both “Motherblood” and “Dreamcrash.”

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Dome Runner

Grave Pleasures

Photos by Laureline Tilkin