GALLERY: 28.11.2020 Michael Monroe, Sami Yaffa & Linde Lindström @ Konserttitalo Mikaeli, Mikkeli


As everyone knows, the current Covid-19 situation has caused and is continuing to cause a wide variety of changes to live gigs and performances. Michael Monroe was supposed to be on an arena tour with GUNS ‘N’ ROSES, but instead he is touring Finnish concert halls together with Sami Yaffa and Linde Lindström, who replaced Costello Hautamäki a while ago. But the loss of one is the victory of the other and in this case the winners are those localities and spectators.

On Saturday 28.11, Monroe‘s caravan stopped in Mikkeli, performing in the concert hall. According to the restrictions, half of the capacity of 520 people could have been taken into the concert, but the audience was perhaps not even half of that. However, this didn’t disturb the trio’s performance and they played a tight set and seemed to enjoy every moment on stage. Linde Linsdström, who was playing his third gig of the tour, matched Monroe and Yaffa brilliantly. The trio played well together.

In addition to HANOI ROCKS and Monroe‘s solo production, the set also consisted of cover songs. As an encore, they played Monroe‘s “Fight Back Blues,”  inspired by Pekka Hyysalo, for the first time live.

In addition to the songs, some stories and speeches from Monroe were also heard throughout the evening. The whole performance was largely built around Mike and his energy, with other players staying more in the background.

Overall, the gig was a great boost to an otherwise depressing November and the audience was sure to get what they wanted and left the event with smiles on their faces.

Photos and article by Oskari Mäkisarka